Glossary of Phone Features / Technology

3-Way Chat :
a network service that allows you to talk to 2 external parties at the same time.
Answering Machine :
takes a message from your caller when you are unable to take the call.
Backlit Display :
makes the display easier to read in all light conditions.
Backlit Keypad :
makes the keypad easier to see in all light conditions.
Bluetooth Connectivity :
allows you to pair your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to receive incoming calls via your VTech cordless handset.
Bluetooth MobileConnect :
allows you to use your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to make and receive mobile calls via your VTech cordless handsets as well as download your contacts from your mobile phone to your VTech home phone.
Call Guard :
Using your network generated Calling Number Display, VTech's Call Guard allows you to block incoming calls from Private or Unavailable numbers, or both. The Call Guard Block List also blocks up to 20 specific numbers that you can program into your VTech phone.
Call Waiting :
a network service that allows you to put one caller on hold and answer another incoming call. You can then alternate between callers or join them together into a 3-Way Chat.
Calling Number Display (Caller ID) :
allows you to see the number of the incoming caller (or the name stored in your phonebook if an exact number match from the network is made) before you answer the telephone.
Calling Number Display Announcement :
if you subscribe to Calling Number Display from your service provider, the phone will announce the number of the incoming caller (or the name stored in your phonebook if an exact number match from the network is made).
Calls List / Call Log :
if you subscribe to a Calling Number Display service the calls list / call log stores an incoming caller's number (or the name stored in your phonebook if an exact number match from the network is made) so you can see who has called.
Call Screening :
allows you to hear when a caller is leaving a message on your answering machine. You can then choose intercept the call or let the answering machine record the message.
Call Timer :
lets you know how long you have been on a call.
Call Transfer :
allows you to transfer an external call from one handset to another.
Conference Call :
if you have a multiple handset pack you can talk to one external caller and one internal caller at the same time.
all DECT, DECT6.0 and DECT360 products operate on the 1.88-1.9GHz frequency band which is dedicated to communications products in Australia. DECT offers interference free, high quality, secure and Wi-Fi friendly communications.
DECT6.0 :
VTech DECT 6.0 cordless telephone models incorporate an Advanced Dual Antenna System. This system reduces the affects of physical interference and ensures maximum range and reception. This is especially effective in indoor environments where signals rely on reflection rather than transmitting directly to the base where each reflection may reduce range. The Dual Antenna minimises this issue by selecting the best signal, reducing the effects of physical interference and ensuring maximum range and reception.
DECT360 :
VTech DECT360 cordless telephone models incorporate a Dynamic Long Range DECT System. Long range is delivered through a state of the art DECT system that includes a unique antenna and software design together with advanced noise-filtering technology. This system generates maximum range and performance, including the minimisation of electronic noise - all achieved in a complete 360 degree arc from the main base unit.
Handsfree (Speakerphone) :
allows you to make or receive a call without having to hold the handset. On a cordless telephone it is possible to have hands free on the handset and/or the base.
Hearing Aid Compatible :
hearing aid compatibility is tested by measuring a phones magnetic Hearing Aid Coupling's field strength. Any figure above -30dB is acceptable for the definition of hearing aid compatibility.
Intercom :
allows you to conduct internal, private handset to handset conversations.
NiMH Battery :
the abbreviation for Nickel Metal Hydride. This type of battery has more advanced charging characteristics which make them ideal for use in cordless telephones.
Multiple handsets :
purchasing a multi handset pack enables you to locate handsets conveniently around your home or business. You can also call internally between handsets, transfer calls between handsets and have 3 way conference calls.
Mute :
allows you to silence the microphone so you can talk to another party in your location without being overheard on the handset/base.
One Touch Broadcast (OTB) :
allows you to directly communicate with another device registered on your phone system at the touch of a button. You can communicate to a single device or all devices.
Page (Handset Locator) :
press to locate system handset/s
Phone Book :
a place to store the name and number of people you frequently call.
Power Fail Back-up :
allows you to continue to use your cordless telephone to make and receive calls in the event of a mains power failure.
Quiet Mode :
turns off all sound and turns on answering machine at the touch of a button (although answering machine's call screening still audible if feature is switched on).
Range (Cordless Telephones) :
the distance a handset can be taken from the base station and continue to deliver a call signal. Range is influenced by the operating environment of the telephone, with any source of interference between the handset and base reducing the achievable range.
Range Extender :
increases the effective range of your cordless phone by providing a signal repeater between the base and handset.
Redial :
allows you to call one or more of the last numbers you have dialled without having to type in the number again.
Recall :
gives you access to network features such as Call Waiting and 3-Way Chat.
Remote Access :
allows you to remotely access your answering machine to retrieve message.
Talking Digits :
the handset audibly announces what key has been pressed.
Visual Message Wait Indicator (VMWI) :
gives you a visual indication that you have unread messages on your network voicemail service.
Volume Booster :
amplifies incoming sounds to enhance the loudness and clarity of the voice on the handset earpiece, all at the touch of a button.
Wi-Fi Friendly :
Wi-Fi products such as internet modems and routers operate on the 2.4GHz frequency. All DECT cordless telephones are Wi-Fi friendly meaning that they will not interfere with the signal of Wi-Fi products.