Formed to manage the sales, marketing and distribution of VTech's fixed line cordless and corded telephone products, VTech has expanded its product portfolio by entering the growing Australian, and more recently the New Zealand, baby monitor markets, with the launch of its globally popular range of VTech brand baby monitors.

VTech Telecommunications (Australia) Pty Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited, commenced operations on the 1st of July 2009.

VTech. Designed to fit your home. And your life.

VTech is the global number one manufacturer of fixed line cordless telephones and one of the largest manufacturers of digital baby monitor products.

Leveraging the VTech Group's state of the art R&D, engineering, design and manufacturing facilities, VTech Telecommunications Australia is able to deliver best in class products to Australian consumers.

VTech Core Values: Innovation | Quality | Value | Reliability | Practicality | Style
While we are a technology-based company, innovation in design and functionality are major elements of our success.
We always deliver quality, that is both satisfying and beyond expectations.
Value is a measure of efficiency. We take pride in providing both value-for-money and quality products.
Safety and durability are paramount. Naturally, both elements are critical to VTech's credibility.
We believe in substance rather than hype - we find that consumers do, too. Every feature in a VTech product is tightly linked to its practicality and functionality.
Style or design is inherent to VTech. All our products reflect a subtlety and simplicity that complement the user's environment and establish new trends.